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#me too : a voice from an unknown actress in Thailand

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

An unknown actress Anong Anuwat (29) shared her experience through her Instagram story.

Anong Anuwat (29)

When Anuwat was early 20’s, she took part in a photoshoot that required her to be naked from the waist up while covering her chest with her hands. She says that she was forced to take part in shoots while strangers came into the studio to watch. She claims she was not always paid for her work and that her approval was not sought for the way in which images of her nude body were used. 

"I don't entirely agree with this ruling but I acknowledged it and I've shouldered the responsibility for it,"

She felt she couldn’t contradict them more since it was her job, and so, she was forced to show her naked self to so many strangers.

Anong Anuwat called out to everyone in the industry to also be aware of what’s going on and speak up in support of the #MeToo Movement.

As women the world over say #MeToo and share stories of sexual harassment on social media to show how widespread the experience is, the campaign has barely made a ripple in Thailand.

Supensri Puengkhokesoong, a women’s welfare advocate and director of the Social Equality Promotion Foundation, said #MeToo hasn’t gained traction in Thailand because of cultural and social factors – and because the number of big names and celebrities coming forward with their own stories has amounted to zero.

“The cultural structures are different. Thai people see sexual harassment as a very personal issue between two people, so they might not want to come forward with their stories,” she said. “They might get the law or organizations involved, but not people in their social circle.”

* This article is published for an art project about fake news.

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