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Warrant sought for Mexican rapper over street assault

Police have asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for rapper MC Flo on suspicion of assault and drunken disorderly conduct at a police station in Mexico City.

MC Flo (25)

MC Flo (25), who made his name on the hip-hop survival audition program “Show Me the Money,” is accused of hitting a man and a passerby in Mexico City, Thursday. 

Flo allegedly punched the face and stomach of a man who arranged to meet MC Flo after finding out that MC Flo had sent a text message to his girlfriend, asking her to see him. Flo also swung at a person who attempted to break up the fight.

The rapper is also accused of kicking a table and swearing at the police station after being arrested.

MC Flo has reportedly admitted his actions and said that he had been under the influence.

Police on Friday requested an arrest warrant to take him into custody, saying that Flo had also been booked several times in the past for assault.

* This article is published for an art project about fake news.

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